Tower Lighting Hire is what Sarah’s Hire does well. If you need it fast then we can get the Tower Lighting to you in 5 hours.*

Tower Lighing which is right for you.

9M Metal Lighting Tower 20 Lux coverage over 3600 m2. 4 x400w metal halide lamps and 340 hours usage on a single tank of fuel.

Cost of hire this Tower Light £225.00 + vat ref: 22/0087-H 

9m Hybrid Lighting Tower with 4 x 150w LED floodlights powered by a rechargeable battery pack. reliable and efficient suitable for areas where a reduction of noise and emissions is required.

  • 8 hours of continuous operation without carbon dioxide emissions
  • Backup generator will automatically start when the battery requires charge

Cost of hire this Tower Light £280.00 + vat ref: 48/0005-H

Tower Lighting Hire with Solar Power Only

7.5m solar lighting tower with 4 x LED floodlights giving out a total of 1,320w.

This model is mobile, reliable, robust and has the use of 4 x 330w solar panels making this suitable for areas where noise reduction is required. With both battery and mains supply provision it offers flexible options for all applications on site.

  • No diesel costs, spills, or refuelling
  • Area Coverage: m² : 550

Delivery and collection is extra.

*Not all of our models can be delivered in 5 hours.

Tower Lighting Hire
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