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Space and Fan Heater Hire from Sarah’s Hire is fast and easy to do. Delivery can be within 5 hours on some of our products..

Our heaters are great for new building construction, renovation. or alteration of existing buildings.

33kg Space Heater Hire Cost £35.00 + Vat per week

Running time up to a maxium: 19 hours.

Fuel Tank Size: 36 liters.

Don’t forget the Heater Transformer. Hire Cost £13.00 + Vat per week.

67kg Space Heater Hire Cost £55.00 + Vat per week

Running time up to a maxium: 14 hours.

Fuel Tank Size: 65 liters.

Don’t forget the Heater Transformer. Hire Cost £13.00 + Vat per week.

Delivery and Collection is extra and you will be charged for fuel after the hire.

2.8kW Infrared Heater 110v 21Kg Hire Cost £19.50

2.8kW 110v infrared heater lightweight portable with castors for easy manoeuvrability. Made to withstand the rigours of the construction industry and is ideal for spot heating in offices, retail and industrial settings.

Depth: mm 625
Heat Output: kW 2.8
Height: mm 900
IP Rating [Plug] IP44
Lamp Watts: W 2 x 1,400
No. of Heat Settings 2
Plug Type: Amps 32
Product Brand Elite
Product Model EH110MK11
Voltage: V 110
Wattage: W 2 x 1,400
Weight: kg 21
Width: mm 525

Delivery and Collection is extra

Don’t forget the Heater Transformer. Hire Cost £13.00 + Vat per week.

Master RS40 40kW Fan Heater 415v 52kg. Hire Cost £44.00 + Vat per week.

40kW 415v Fan Heater with it’s robust construction, large wheels and handle for easy manoeuvrability. It provides clean and safe heat with a thermostat for manageable temperature control and efficient heating for industrial and workshop environments.

Air Displacement: m³\Hr 3,100
Depth: mm 990
Heat Output: kW 40
Height: mm 800
IP Rating IP20
IP Rating [Plug] IP44
No. of Heat Settings 4
Plug Type: Amps 63
Product Brand Master
Product Model RS40
Voltage: V 415
Weight: kg 52
Width: mm 710

Delivery and Collection is extra

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Space Heater Hire Information.

If you are seeking a versatile and compact heating solution that is ideal for use in almost any industrial situation, you should try Forced Air Heaters. Whether you are heating a warehouse, workshop, garage or greenhouse, this heater has the ability to fulfil your heating needs.

Forced Air Heater, you do not have to worry about your safety and that of your property. It comes with several safety features such as a heavy-duty fuel cap, an error-indicator light, overheat protection and safety shut-off point.


Can Use Different Fuel Sources

This heater can be powered using diesel, kerosene/paraffin fuel. You therefore have a lot of options on what type of fuel to use depending on availability and your budget.

It Is Portable

Unlike other heaters which can be used for heating industrial spaces, this heater is light and it can be moved from one place to another without a lot of hassle. Additionally, it has a sturdy support base.

Has a Lot of Safety Features

These heater comes with a heavy-duty fuel cap that minimises the risk of fuel spillage in case it is accidentally knocked over. It also has a cut-off feature in case there is an accidental further. Additionally, it has an error-indicator light that will warn you in case there is any malfunction such as overheating.

Infrared Heater Hire

Are an ideal heating strategy for warehouses because they heat people directly without needing to heat the entire room volume, overcoming the difficulty and expense of heating large, draughty warehouses with high ceilings. These heaters provide an energy-efficient heating solution, keeping staff warm with a natural heat that feels pleasantly like the warmth of the sun, despite any cold draughts of air. 

Fan Heater Hire

Industrial electric fan heaters are rarely used as the only heat source in the workplace. More typical is that the mainstream heating might lack capacity in the coldest weather, or may not quite reach certain areas of the building. Industrial fan heater hire is perfect as a source of supplementary heating. In some applications, the lack of a centralised heating system or mains gas supply forces companies to use electric industrial fan heaters as their primary heat source. Whatever application they are used be it as supplementary heating, emergence heating or as the a primary heating system, these electric industrial heaters are high in their effectiveness, versatility, relative low-cost and are great heaters to hire.

These industrial electric fan heaters are a very safe form of warm air heating as neither naked flames ,nor potentially poisonous emissions are produced such as carbon monoxide ,making these industrial electric fan heaters particularly suitable for use in special applications where the use of traditional fuels such as oil or gas is not permitted. They can also be used in closed environments, as no oxygen is required for these industrial electric warm air heaters to work. 

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