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Portable Toilet Hire at Sarah’s Hire are what we do best.

We have range of Portable Toilets, Events Toilets or Chemical Toilets as they can be called are what Sarah’s Hire does best.

Our Portable Toilet Hire for Construction.

Weekly Hire Price £25.00 + Vat

Which is mainly builders on their construction sites, the site toilets come with hand wash sinks, hand soap and toilet rolls. Our site toilets can be hired for any length of time.

Advantages of Using Portable Toilet Hire for Construction Sites


In an effort to save the expense of portable toilet rental, some companies believe it should be up to the construction workers to find a public restroom when they need to use the toilet while on the job. This can be extremely inconvenient for the crew, especially if there are no establishments nearby that they can use. Onsite portable toilets enable the workers to stay at the job site and get right back to work when they’re done using the facilities.


When workers have to leave the construction site to find a public restroom, they may be gone for longer than you would like. With onsite portable toilets, their restroom breaks can be much shorter, which makes it easier to keep the job timeline on track. Having toilet facilities at the job site keeps the workers more comfortable and happier, which can motivate them to be more productive as well. It is also the law to have 1 site toilet per 7 workers that work thee whole week.


No company should expect the client to let the construction crew have access to their private bathrooms. The noise, dust, and debris of a construction project can be disruptive enough for the client without the added stress of having strangers coming and going through their space. With a portable toilet and hand wash station outside, the workers can take care of their needs without having to disturb the client’s routine and privacy.

Our Event Loo Hire.

Weekly Hire Price £39.99 + Vat

Our event portable toilet hire is great for outdoor event, weddings and parties.  Or if you want a nice toilet while your bathroom is being worked on, may be due to Covid-19 a portable loo for your guests to use so you can keep that social distance. We can even deliver your own toilet to a campsite next to your pitch, as a personal portable camping toilet.

Our toilets are very nice and come with hand sanitizer and toilet rolls. At Sarah’s Hire we have many depot’s up and down the country so if you ever search “toilet hire near me” remember to think of Sarah’s Hire

Portable Toilet Hire How Many Do You Need

When planning your event can be tiresome and we get it, you want it done and over with, however, many forget one of the most important details of a successful party, where to GO. Sure, if you are hosting at your home your guests can use that or if there is a public restroom they can use that instead, but what if that’s not enough? Especially when there’s alcohol and meals added to the picture?

Relying on one bathroom can be a menace and many rather not have the outside world trek into their homes for a toilet break. No need to fret, we have you covered.

Sarah’s Hire offer the best products for your convenience to help your perfectly planned event run smoothly. From our standard Portable Toilet to the the widely popular Sheppard Hut Trailers, we provide an array of options to fit your needs on your schedule with the best customer service you can receive. Bathrooms seem like a minor detail but we can assure you that it is an important one!

Our Loo’s are ready to go! They simply require a flat piece of ground to be sited on.

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