Dehumidifier Hire


Dehumidifier Hire from Sarah’s Hire is very and fast to do. Delivery can be within 5 hours.

Dehumidifiers are great for new building construction, renovation or alteration of existing buildings, or in special circumstances such as flooding.  There is no quicker, surer or more economical way to reduce moisture without risk of damage to the building materials. Dehumidifier Hire from Sarah’s Hire is easy and fast we can deliver in 5 hour anywhere in mainland UK.

Large Electric Dehumidifier Hire Cost £49.99 + Vat per week

Large Electric Dehumidifiers are great in newly built or partially completed buildings.

Our Large Electric Commercial Dehumidifier enables interior plaster, screeds and timber work to be dried at a controlled rate. This means that decorators can work systematically, keeping to the required schedule, regardless of weather conditions.

Our commercial dehumidifiers are designed to withstand all the rigours of construction sites.

Our large dehumidifiers can extract up to 43 litres in 24 hours.

Medium Electric Dehumidifier Cost £39.99 + Vat per week

Medium Dehumidifier are great if you are looking for a domestic dehumidifier to rid of damp from your home after small to medium size spillages.

The medium dehumidifier’s capacity makes it the ideal choice for many trades. Great for plasterers, decorators and the finishing trades.

They are highly manoeuvrable for easy use and rugged too! Ideal for the construction industry. Our medium dehumidifiers will extract up to 12 liters in 24 hours.

The range of dehumidifiers for hire at Sarah’s Hire means we will always find one that’s ideal for your needs. Because they’re built for the job, they will not let you down. All are very easy to use.  Just plug in, temperature and you are ready to go.

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